NTCA Families

Dear New NTCA Family,

Welcome to our school and your new school family!

We are excited that you are here, and we can’t wait to meet your child(ren). You will find that NTCA is a warm, loving environment with an incredible staff and amazing teachers.

NTCA provides a very dynamic atmosphere and many fun, engaging events during the school year. Some of these events include: Meet the Teacher Night, Curriculum Night, Open House, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Program, Upper School Fun Nights, Spaghetti Dinners with a Talent Show, Grand Breakfast, and many more. We appreciate our families lending a helping hand to make all of these events a success.

The Cougar Pride Committee is comprised of staff, teachers, and families who want to contribute to these events. You will be asked to participate in bringing food, setting up events, showing appreciation to our teachers and staff, etc. None of it is difficult, but we can’t make it happen without participation from our families.

I look forward to hearing your ideas for our upcoming events and the ways in which you can help. Please join us at our next Cougar Pride Committee meeting so we can meet you, and you can share your thoughts with us.

Please contact me if you have any questions about NTCA, or you would like more information regarding the Cougar Pride Committee. You can reach me via email at Jules Ellis and cell at 972-333-6536.

Thanks so much in advance for your participation and ideas.

Jules Ellis
President, Cougar Pride Committee

Dear New NTCA Student,

Welcome to NTCA! We are so excited about your choice to attend North Texas Christian Academy. Here at NTCA, we always want to give a very warm welcome to all new members of our Christian family. We want you to feel comfortable with all of the other students and see God’s love working through everyone.

Coming to North Texas Christian Academy is one of the best decisions you could make. Not only will you become friends with very kind people and learn more about God, but you will also receive a superior quality education. The teachers at this school care about each student and ensure they are able to comprehend the information they receive. Every student gets a chance to have one-on-one time with their teachers, which greatly improves their social skills and their ability to learn. However, NTCA is not only about classroom learning. Here at NTCA, we also go on exciting field trips, such as exploring the SunnyD factory and learning about their machinery, or connecting with God’s beautiful creation of nature at the Heard Museum in McKinney. NTCA isn’t just an ordinary school. We understand that education needs to be taught through both written forms and hands on activities. North Texas Christian Academy makes school enjoyable by using many approaches to learning.

Again, we are so excited about your decision to join our community. If you ever have any questions this coming school year or would like to suggest ideas for our school, student council will be happy to help. We are here for our fellow students and always want to improve the school for the better. See you in August!

NTCA Student Council
Sara Zimmerman (President), Keaton Emerson (Vice President), Bailey Munski (Secretary), Mik Messer (Treasurer), Peter Evans (Historian), Tyler Sanderson (Parliamentarian)

Cougar Pride: The Cougar Pride Committee is a group of parents, teachers, administrators, and friends of North Texas Christian Academy that supports the NTCA mission by coordinating various fundraising activities, engaging in community outreach, and assisting staff and administrators as needed to ensure our students are reaching their spiritual and academic potential. The Cougar Pride Committee welcomes any parent, educator, administrator, or friend of the school to join them at any time to help in this important and fulfilling work.

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