Cougar Contact Newsletter, #32

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North Texas Christian Academy
Cougar Contact Newsletter, Issue #32

Upcoming Events
Thursday, May 25th – Last Day of Preschool
Friday, May 26th – Monday, May 29th – Memorial Day Weekend, No School
Save the Date
Tuesday, May 30th – Field Day
Wednesday, May 31st – KR and Kindergarten Graduation
Thursday, June 1st – Last Day of School, Early Release at 12:00

 Mall Day with Mrs Newland’s 4th and 5th Class

Last week it was Mall day!  Here are some photos!  We had such a good time playing games, eating popcorn, fishing for toys, and having our faces painted!
 IMG_2384IMG_2403 IMG_2409
IMG_2406 IMG_2419 IMG_2417

8th Grade Project 
 The middle school students are writing letters to the 5th grade students, giving them advice for how to survive in middle school next year. Their letters will give them advice about teachers, expectations, and school work. Each grade level has a different perspective to add and the students are excited to share their advice with the future 6th graders. This year, the 8th grade students have decided to take it a step further by creating videos to go along with their letters. There are two creative teams working on different videos.  Zachary and John’s video idea can be described as informational with a touch of humor, while Bradey and Nikh’s video addresses a 5th grader’s potential fears about middle school. Some of the 8th graders have dabbled in video making before and have their own equipment to bring to the table, while others are learning from their peers. What is most exciting about this project, as a teacher, is to see the students collaborate and work together as a team. They are self-driven to create a quality product, and I am excited to see what they come up with.

Middle School and High School Banquet Photos
IMG_2500 IMG_2504 IMG_2501
 IMG_2493  IMG_2494

 Creative Writing by Kaitlyn Jones

“Life is despicable. My brother or sister is always rude to me. I never get anything right, and my friends think I am weird.”

If this is how you think about life, then your world is NOT going to get better.

Most of the world will think about life in this miserable way, but if you think like this your life will get WORSE! You will be lugubrious. You will be miserable.

This world is WACKO, so stop thinking negative! I remember when I was in seventh grade and my Latin teacher taught me a saying: “Cogito ergo sum”. I think, therefore I am. This means if you think your life is awful, then your life is awful. If you you think your life is terrible, then your life is terrible. This can also be used in a valuable way. For instance, if you think your life is awesome, then your life is awesome.

You need to turn your life around and, change your speculation. Think of joyous times and leave the bad, disgusting thoughts behind. I know this is hard, because dreadful thoughts can ambush you and throw you in a vague, dreadful abyss. But we need to stand STRONG, and know that God loves us. The reason bad days come, is  so you can love the good days even more. Now you can love life, because you know bad things will happen but they won’t last. We can remember the good times. We can live a new and improved life. Our thoughts control our ways, but we control our thoughts. Let’s end our time with prayer.

Dear God,

Sometimes we may hate life and despise this world. Please help us to love the world and think of life as good. Help us to live life with a smile. Thank you for placing me on this earth to make a difference.

In Jesus’ name,


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