The Preschool program creates a positive and encouraging learning environment.

We focus on social and emotional development as well as educational and physical development. Students learn how to make choices and good decisions through relationships, active play, and group activities. We believe that children learn best through play. We want the students to develop a love of learning and develop the social skills to help them succeed in a classroom environment.

Language Arts
Students will get the chance to hear and practice language arts through the year during using different methods. They will be given the chance to speak and share by talking about special items, and sharing stories about family events. They will get to listen to stories, poems, and rhymes as well as be able to create stories through pictures and conversation. The students will practice important pre-writing and pre-reading skills by scribbling, using letter-like forms, inventive spelling and conventional forms of writing and tracing.

Students will learn mathematics through hands-on activities. The students will compare, arrange, and count manipulatives. They will learn patterns, working numbers, one-to-one correspondence, shapes, patterns, location, direction and distance through dramatic play and centers.

Science and Social Studies
Students will explore their world through sorting, matching, dramatic play, sensory exploration, and discussion. The students will learn how to work with others. The students will learn about how other people serve the community through class and community helper visitors.

The Bible curriculum is integrated throughout every subject that is taught. We begin each day with a praise time to celebrate God through songs and working on our Bible verse. We work on applications throughout the week using crafts and dramatic play. We meet every Wednesday morning with the whole elementary school for chapel to praise God through song, prayer, and listening to Bible stories.

The students will also have the opportunity to participate in recess, art projects, dramatic play, and music.

We have adopted the Key Developmental Indicators used in the High Scope program.

Curriculum Goals
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